Lighting Management

SmartLi is an intelligent and individualized management system for lighting and other electrical points, such as gates, sensors, blinds and on/off controls, accessible via app or web browser. Through a single platform, it is possible to check the status, manage and control the equipment.

This system can be applied in different contexts, from residences to large commercial areas or municipalities.

By customizing the system, it is possible to define actions, sets of actions and execution times, making the system autonomous, without the need for user input.

The management of the Smart Li can be carried out via a computer - web browser - or via mobile phone or tablet - app. When accessing via computer, the user will be able to view the map of the space they are managing and navigate on three different levels:

  • 1. Sensors

  • 2. Groups

  • 3. Spots

Let's take a closer look at each component of the Smart Li system.


Each point represents an individual device, which may have one of several types of management.

  • On/Off

  • Dimming – adjust the intensity between 0 and 100%

  • RGB – allows selection of a color from an array


Groups are sets of points of the same type. Group management allows the simultaneous execution of several actions of the same nature, such as:

  • Turn all points on and off

  • Enable or disable motion sensors mode

  • Turn on, off and dim according to the light – Compensation mode

  • Turn the lights on and off when the brightness reaches a predefined minimum and maximum value – Brightness Mode

  • Enable or disable switch mode


Graphical representation of the plan of the space and of the various points and groups that constitute it.


Scenarios are sets of operations of any kind, which can act at points or groups, manually or automatically – on certain days and times or seasons of the year. You can, for example, create a "company opening" scenario that opens the gate, turns on different lights and opens the blinds.


Area of ​​the platform dedicated exclusively to the management of sensors, whether for movement, brightness, battery level or on/off sensors.

Além da facilidade de personalização proporcionada pelo sistema de gestão SmartLi, destacamos outras vantagens:

Reduction of maintenance costs

SmartLi offers the possibility of consulting instantaneous information for each point, as well as generating reports on consumption, breakdowns and other relevant data so that you can determine, with certainty, the intervention needs. In this way, you can also carry out preventive interventions on the equipment, reducing maintenance costs.

Adaptive Light

We implemented the concept of Adaptive Lighting which allows us to adjust the light intensity to the current needs of each location, avoiding waste in electricity consumption and increasing the useful life of the lamps.

Increased road safety

Good road lighting is one of the main factors that contribute to accident prevention. In addition to efficient lighting, the SmartLi system allows light intensity to be reduced during periods when there is no movement on the road, avoiding electrical consumption.

Several communication options

The SmarLi system can be used via Wifi, Ethernet or, in remote locations, via the mobile network, the gateway being responsible for communicating with the various points of the system in the most diverse means of communication such as ZigBee, DALI, RS485, RS232, etc.

User-friendly experience

SmartLi allows you to manage spaces quickly and conveniently through an intuitive platform accessible via app and web browser.

The SmartLi system is the answer to your electrical equipment management needs. For more information, do not hesitate to contact.