Lighting Management




The Intelligent and individualized Lighting Management system, SmartLi, allows point-to-point control of the public or private lighting system, indoors and outdoors.
The idea is to adapt the lighting available in each location to the real lighting needs, thus reducing consumption and costs, increasing the quality of lighting and the safety of users. From this initial idea, and taking into account the great potential of the local SmartLi module to acquire the different quantities of players, the system allows through a central system to perceive the current state and history of each location as well as the action in lighting.
In this way, it creates a new concept in the management and maintenance of the installed lighting and to be installed, that is, a logistics platform.


Main Objectives

Reduction of electricity consumption


The SmartLi system came with the aim of offering a more efficient, dynamic lighting management and control platform in order to reduce energy consumption and consequently CO2 emissions.
The SmartLi project was born with the firm certainty that we can do more and better in protecting our planet. With the conviction that the way is energy saving and natural resources. With the desire to be able to provide all actors in the various sectors of activity better and greater energy rationalisation, effective equipment optimisation and ensure greater energy efficiency and performance.
Reduce the environmental impact


"The cleanest energy is the one we don't use"
With the system fully calibrated; according to the needs of the site, there is also a decrease in light pollution, the decrease or even elimination of periods with excess lighting.
Reduced Maintenance Costs


Our system is also a cutting-edge solution for entities, municipalities or large commercial surfaces that because of the complexity of their street lighting networks urgently need an effective management tool for reducing exorbitant costs in maintaining installed power.
Through a simple job with our respective management software, all information concerning the lighting network contiguous to SmartLI may be consulted, more, in addition to instant information, it joins the possibility of preparing consumption reports, breakdown and many others, which allow establishing the profile of each zone, avenue or at the limit of each pole.
This lighting profile can thus be used to efficiently assess the needs of intervention by area, and thus move from a corrective and more expensive maintenance, to a preventive intervention that in addition to the reduction of the cost, allows better end-user service.
The concept of adaptive light, that is, the use of artificial light intensity that adapts at the moment to the needs of the site, also allows to prolong the life of installed lamps, and thus contributes to a longer interval between two interventions in the same place.


Road safety, safety perception and combating vandalism


Road safety and safety perception are determining factors of this project. Effective Lighting allows the reduction of road accidents, however if there is no movement of vehicles, it makes perfect sense to avoid energy consumption, reducing the percentage of highway lighting.
Avoiding accidents with vehicles in the opposite direction on motorways is another of the factors that this project has taken into account, avoiding serious accidents, as has been the case, and thus save human lives and all the costs inherent.
Vandalism is another important factor, this project provides for easy identification whenever the lamp of the lighting poles is violated, protecting the public good avoiding high costs.