RGB 24V Bar

The RGB LED Bar can be used for a variety of decor applications, from which we stand out the following: showcase, displays, kitchen furniture, coving light areas, amphitheaters, etc.
This lamp is powered through a 24 ± 1 V DC LED drive power supply, constant voltage.
Easy installation (can be applied directly on ceilings or other surface just with support clips.
Allows the creation of ongoing lighting lines. Bars can also be interconnected up to a maximum length of 4 meters.
This bar can be used with an RGB control module to create the intended effects.
The polycarbonate bar lens meets the food safety standards for FDA 21CFR 177.1580 and the European standard (EU) No. 10/2011.


RGB 24V Bar
technical drawing RGB 24V Bar

Technical Features - RGB 24V Bar

Light Technical Data





Flux (Lm) ⁴

Eff. (Lm/W)

Wavelength (nm)

Lens type



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¹ Luminosity depreciation based on L70.

² Beam angle: 50% of maximum luminosity

³ Field angle: 10% of maximum luminosity

⁴ Luminous flux ± 7.5%

Last update: . Datasheet v.: 1.32

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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